Sunday, May 12, 2013

Good Health and Longevity - For Educational Purposes Only?

Since the pharmaceutical industry rules the world of the the healthy and the sick, no one is allowed to make certain statements about health and healing even if there were a valid research to back them up. People who are not "careful" enough are accused of quackery or even arrested and prosecuted.

Interestingly enough, spectacular claims can be made by doctors and sales people when a molecule or a substance is patented and sold as a drug, even if that drug comes with a long list of side effects. The drug may eventually harm or kill a patient and law suits may follow, but for as long as nothing "drastic" happens the claims of "cure" can be made shamelessly.  

This is quite amusing, but also incredibly frustrating. If you made a claim that elderberry, ginger and honey cured flu like symptoms and started advertising and selling your "potion" to afflicted people, you would probably end up in court. But no one gets punished for selling drugs with similar curing power even if such drugs may cause drowsiness, liver damage, kidney failure and what not. At least not right away. Justice is done to patients only after some one's health has been damaged irreversibly by the drug. The liability lawyers find a real gold mine in cases like that and the pharmaceutical industry can afford to pay reparations. 

Do not get me wrong. I am not against pharmaceutical industry as such and I am not against allopathic medicine, but I despise a culture of arrogance and cynicism.

I am a healthy individual, but I do not necessarily attribute my health to my genes. There is much more to it. The genes carry an information that may work for you or against you. If there is a history of disease in your family you may be the next in the line to develop it as well. But genetic information is not necessarily a sentence or a curse. Unless you are living with congenital, manifested genetic disorder, your lifestyle is contributing to your overall health and you may never get sick or morbidly obese even if everyone in your family is. If you live a healthy lifestyle, genetic traits remain what they are - potentialities, not death sentences. 

Good health is a precious gift and it is a gift you can give to yourself. I advocate active prevention of disease rather than a cure of existing one. Simple changes in lifestyle and nutrition may have very dramatic changes on your overall health. You can lose weight, reverse chronic disease, slow the aging process and prolong your lifespan. But this does not come as a pill. You will have to change established bad habits and invest some money in your nutrition. And most importantly, you will have to consider yourself worthy of such a change. But once you do, you will be amazed. Your body has the potential to heal itself. You just have to give it a chance. 

Changes to be made include:
  • exercise
  • stress control
  • detoxification
  • diet and nutrition
  • supplementation with high quality nutritional supplements
  • self-perception and attitude 
  • health education - ignorance may kill you! 

The changes may be quite overwhelming and should be made gradually. You may have to consult a certified fitness coach who will help you devise a fitness plan that suits your current needs, but once you gain the knowledge and develop your own intuition you will be able to take care of yourself without any help. Empower yourself. You will not regret it.

In radiant health - Dominique Allmon

By Dominique Allmon ©2013

*This information is for educational purpose only. It is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease.
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