Monday, April 17, 2017

Lung Cleanse And Natural Allergy Relief

What is lung cleanse?

A lung cleanse is a natural procedure designed to cleanse, refresh and detoxify the delicate respiratory tissue of the bronchial passages and lungs by removing environmental toxins, harmful organisms and other accumulated irritants. 

Because of the declining quality of the air we breath indoors and outdoors, the lung cleanse should be performed regularly, especially if you suffer from allergic rhinitis and other respiratory problems. 

The toxic air we breathe puts our lungs and respiratory passages in danger. A lung cleanse performed with a help of a herbal spray will help the body eliminate all irritants and improve the respiratory function.

What is Allertrex

Allertrex is an unique product that uses a blend of powerful herbs and essential oils to support the respiratory function of the body and detoxify the lungs, sinuses and the entire respiratory tract. These herbs work in synergy to soothe irritated tissue and promote optimal breathing.

Allertrex was developed by Gr. Group who studied the works of the most famous 16th century healer, scientist and alchemist, Paracelsus, and developed a special method would enhance effectiveness and bio-availability of herbal ingredients. 

This unique product promises relief to people suffering from seasonal allergies, but each afflicted person should take additional steps to improve the product's efficacy:
  • quit smoking if you are a smoker
  • improve quality of indoor air by installing air purification systems
  • use organic, unscented household products and detergents
  • consume foods that support the lung function (cayenne pepper, raw pistachio nuts and plantain leaves)
  • reduce consumption of mucus forming foods like diary and processed foods
  • avoid consumption of foods rich in histamine (fermented and canned foods and beverages like beer, wine, sauerkraut, pickles, mayonnaise, cured meats, bacon) and foods that cause the body to release histamine (strawberries, tomatoes, chocolate)
  • use nutritional supplements like quercetin, zinc, probiotics, Vitamin A and C, and herbal supplements like stinging nettles, butterbur, and spirulina, to relieve the allergy symptoms
  • learn and perform deep breathing exercises (pranayama)

Nasal irrigation and the Neti pot

Widely used in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, nasal irrigation is becoming more and more popular in the West. Performed with the help of a specially designed Neti pot, nasal irrigation with saline water provides a short term relief to congested sinuses, but is also used in cases of chronic sinusitis. The Neti pot is easy to use and rather well tolerated by patients, but if you have never tried it before, you may want to contact natural health practitioner or an Ayurvedic doctor. 

For many people end of Winter means suffering from terribly uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Sneezing, coughing, itchy watery eyes are cause by grass, pollen and mold. In most cases, use of antihistamines may be necessary. Antihistamine drugs prevent the body from releasing more histamine during the allergic reaction. On top of this, each person affected by seasonal allergy can follow a few simple steps to reduce the severity of allergic reactions during the allergy season. Lung cleanse is one such step. Give it a try.

Dominique Allmon

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*This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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