Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Herbal Libido Boosters

Woody Allen's late 1970s film Love and Death was eerily prophetic, if in name alone, about the Viagra dilemma. The drug enables many men to achieve an erection and regain lost sexual function, but it can also exact a stiff penalty from users. The Food and Drug Administration has reported dozens of deaths among Viagra users. This seems an unnecessarily severe side effect. Concerns about the drug have spurred interest in effective, natural aphrodisiacs without deleterious side effects. Responding to this interest, I set off for the Amazon rain forest in search of sex-enhancing plants. I traveled in the company of a Brazilian shaman named Bernie Peixoto, a man skilled in tribal wisdom and the use of plant medicines. There in the world's greatest jungle, we encountered two potent sex-boosting plants with a long history of safe use.

Our flight into Brazil put us into the Amazon city of Manaus, where we met with Antonio Matas, the most highly respected herbalist in that area. Antonio shared stories with us about his decades of healing work using rain-forest plants.

Catuaba and Muirapuama: Sex Enhancers?

"What about catuaba and muirapuama?" I inquired. "Are they really effective sex enhancers, or is that just a myth?" He laughed at the question and spread his hands wide open. "There is nothing that compares with catuaba and muirapuama together. I can tell you, I have used these plants with hundreds of people. The old become sexually young again. I have seen impotent men who can have sex for the first time in years. Even healthy couples find that these plants put extra fire in their sex life. These plants are good for men and women."

I asked Antonio if he used these plants himself. He smiled again. "Sometimes. After all, I've been married to the same woman for 43 years."

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Most Effective Acne Cure Ever!

Start Treating Acne at the Root of the Problem

There are thousands of acne products on the drugstore shelves and online markets today that only treat the surface of the problem. Covering your skin with oily, ineffective, sometimes more damaging creams and gels is not the final answer to finding the clear, clean skin that you deserve. Treating your skin problems really needs to be an integrated process that works not only on the surface of your skin, but also internally as well. The root problem of unsightly blemishes and acne is not only what is happening on the outside, but also what is happening on the inside.

There has been a significant amount of research completed on what can be done to mitigate the causes of acne. Years of research in laboratories has been conducted by the team that has finally brought to you, the Clear Pores Skin Cleansing System. This 3-part system not only works on your skin with topical creams, but also works on your skin with a unique internal herbal supplement that helps with the internal process of ensuring that your skin becomes blemish free - and stays that way.

This herbal supplement contains 100% natural herbs that have been used for centuries to help solve skin problems. From acne to eczema ingredients such as licorice root, dandelion, aloe vera, and cayenne work together to not only decrease acne, but also to ensure that it does not return. Other effective ingredients in this magic combination work to reduce inflammation also associated with acne. As well, fighting infection can help to reduce redness and other problems that irritate your skin and make it react, look red and even painful.

Other ingredients such as Echinacea work on treating your skin so that it can heal from the longer term damages of acne and blemishes. Atlantic Kelp, which contains rich minerals from the ocean, also works to smooth out the texture of your skin making it look healthier and adding that much desired 'glow'.

There really is no need to suffer the devastating effects of acne any longer. There is help and it really can be simple. Trying a sample of the 3-step Clear Pores Skin Cleansing System is effective and totally risk free. Doctors and psychologists recommend this product to their patients and clients, fully confident that it will be effective. Decreasing acne and blemishes from your skin not only makes you feel and look better but it also works to increase your self esteem and confidence. Having more self confidence also helps to reduce stress in your life, which is just another cause of acne in the first place - so it is about time to break this never ending cycle and change your life for good. 

Being embarrassed by those unsightly blemishes and aggravated pores really can be a thing of the past. Try this amazing system today and within days you will start to see results. So why not order your own Clear Pores Skin Cleansing System and take a step toward healthier skin and a happier you.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Constipation: An Overview of its Causes and Symptoms

Constipation: An Overview of its Causes and Symptoms

Constipation is a normal occurrence that has been estimated to occur to every individual in his or her lifetime. It’s been ascertained that as we get older, we have a higher tendency to become more constipated. People above the age forty are particularly susceptible to this because they are at the peak of their lives at that period. Men in this age bracket are often achieving lots of things at this time and hence, there is usually less time for them to eat well, and exercise as they have a bust schedule.

Therefore, constipation in this period can be said to be caused by eating disorders or bad eating habits.When we eventually get constipation, how do we treat or get relief from it? Most people are all for the laxative and enema treatments. But feelers that we are getting from health boards all over the world are advocating that as much as possible that we avoid laxatives.

Many people who have become very familiar with laxatives can even swear to its ability to make an individual dependent on it for bowel movement. The very last thing we want is to be subject to a mere chemical.However, to stem the continuous occurrence of constipation in the daily life of an individual, the best thing really is to change the eating habits. This can safely be said to drastically reduce the incidence of constipation as most of the constipation people get is from eating low fiber foods and excess fatty foods. Foods that are rich in fiber such as wheat, bran, psyllium husks work wonders in the relieving and consequent elimination of constipation and its frequent occurrence.The absence of high quantity of fluids - particularly water - is also an important contributor. Because we are always in a rush to achieve things, we then to for get to take at least eight glasses of water everyday. Hence, the stool ends up not having enough moisture to ease the passage of feces through the colon and rectum.

Another contributing factor is the bad habit of holding back when we feel the need to “go”. Many people think because they are busy, it can always come later. Of course, it does come later but during that same period, some of the toxic waste from the stool might have been reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Not to mention the moisture that is also reabsorbed leaving the feces hard and dry. The victims may end up passing this feces, but there is always a tendency that some of the feces will remain in the colon. Hence, there won’t be a total elimination of the waste products. If colon cleansing is not done in due time, then there will be the incidence of toxic poisoning caused by the re-absorption of waste into the bloodstream, contaminating the blood, reducing the immunity of the individual and spreading disease in the body.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Health Benefits of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

Make Positive and Noticeable Changes to Your Body, Mind, Heart and Overall Appearance

One of the things many people are looking for when they come to the decision to start investigating a nutritional supplement of any kind is results. We all want to live healthier and happier lives, but sometimes our diet and lifestyles do not easily support this. We also struggle with the idea of spending a lot of money on a range of products that promise to produce tangible results in our health and state of genuine well being. When looking to get these positive results that we can actually feel for ourselves, many of us end up looking in every possible area to try and find a solution that is going to work for us. That hard work can pay off for those who are tenacious enough to discover Omega Daily.

These are not the average capsules for those who want a cure all. Instead, they are a very highly specialized blend of nutrition that is designed to create a major boost for the body. The company that creates them has gone through the trouble to do rigorous testing on the ingredients in these pills to help prove the benefits. Among these benefits are some key examples of immediate results including healthier joints. Many people, quite a few of them not even advanced in years, suffer from joint pain caused by the hard surfaces that our world is composed of these days. These joint pains can put a major damper on our ability to not just move about freely, but to really enjoy our lives. The splicing and pain inducing inflammation can make walking miserable and reduce the amount of exercise that we are willing to do. This has an instant and continual negative effect on our health. With the potent anti inflammatory power of Omega Daily's pill formula we can get results that are going to not just take away the pain in our body, but improve our emotional states as we are able to move about more regularly when we please and this contributes to weight loss, as well.

The core concept behind Omega Daily is approaching the body as a whole system in and of itself which needs many different kinds of support. This is why the benefits for sufferers of intense PMS or even ADHD are able to get strong and consistent results despite having totally different challenges. When the body is properly nourished, it is able to do much more for itself than if it were left to try and fend off ailments without the tools that Omega Daily provides those who take it regularly.

Omega 3 is well known to be an excellent source of premium health improvement power, but few people are able to take in enough. By improving upon what nature has given us, the Omega Daily pills are able to bring in this essential fatty acid to our body chemistry without causing any sort of negative side effect and still raise the level of Omega 3 we are able to process.

The results of this truly proven "Miracle of the Sea" are bound to increase the wellness of any who have discovered it and this is exactly why it has gained such a strong reputation so

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Aminocare - Dr. Burzynski's Genetic Solution To Aging

I met Dr. Burzynski on the plane to Houston, TX around Thanksgivings in 2007 and I knew right away that he was a quite remarkable human being. He was traveling back from Thailand together with his wife Barbara.

I must admit that I never heard his name before and I was quite amazed when Mrs. Burzynski, who is also a physician, told me about her husband's research field.

When I finally was able to look at his website and try his products, I was more than amazed. And although I am neither a doctor nor a scientist, I share Dr. Burzynski's passion for progress in the cancer research and the anti-aging technology. And I admire his personal "crusade" against the system.

Dr. Burzynski is a world famous oncologist and biochemist who was born and educated in Poland. He is widely recognized for both, his work as a physician and a scientist with more than 250 publications publications in his field which he authored or co-authored. He received numerous awards from many prestigious institutions. In 1977 he established the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, TX, where more than 8,000 patients with terminal cancer have been treated with remarkable success. 

Dr. Burzynski devotes great part of his time to the research of causes and treatments for cancer. In 1967 he pioneered the development and application of biologically active peptides in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer. This was the time when he identified naturally occurring peptides in the human body which seemed to control the growth of cancer. He realized that cancer patients were deficient in these very peptides. Later in his life, he named these peptides Antineoplastons for their ability to correct and normalize neoplastic, or cancerous cells. His research was based on the discovery of natural bio-active peptides in the late 1800s by the Polish scientist, Stanislaus Bondzynski who at that time did not realize that the bio-active peptides could stop the growth of tumors.

Using his knowledge and experience in the field of oncology and biochemistry, Dr. Burzynski and his team of researchers conceived Aminocare® - the genetic solution to aging. The goal of this latest work is the prevention of the detrimental effects of aging and extension of longevity. His new approach focuses on genetics.

There are approximately 30,000 genes that are active in the human body. A large number of these genes are responsible for the human growth and development at birth. As we age, the amount of active genes diminishes and we observe the slackening of many bodily functions and processes: our metabolism slows dawn, immune system weakens, we lose energy and observe the evident signs of aging. What happens is the gene silencing process due to methylation, in which the good genes that normally promote growth and regeneration are being "switched off" while at the same time genes that are responsible for degeneration and disease are being "switched on". Aging and finally, death are the results of this natural process.

Dr. Burzynski's research shows that the aging process may be reversed and slowed dawn. He developed formulations containing peptides and amino acid derivatives called antineoplastons. Antineoplastons are believed to function as switches that turn on the inactive tumor suppressor genes as well as other genes that are being switched off due to the aging process. Aminocare® products contain components similar to the antineoplastons. They are the active ingredients that work genetically on a molecular level to reverse the signs of aging.

The Aminocare® line includes three different supplements and two formulations for the skin:
  • Aminocare® A10 formulated to support body's own defense mechanisms, regulate normal cell division and protect the body from toxin. Aminocare® contains seven amino acids, a derivative of L-glutamin, and Vitamin B2.
  • Aminocare® Brain is a unique formulation of amino acids which are key precursors to proteins, including important enzymes, that work in synergy to regulate cellular pathways in the body. The product also includes unique Curcumin C3 Complex® and BioPerine®. Curcumin is known for its anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. BioPerine® is an active ingredient derived from black pepper berries. In clinical studies BioPerine®  increased bioavailability of nutrients. 
  • Aminocare® Skin Cream formulated to restore proper balance in gene expression which is characteristic to young skin and to stimulate natural cell rejuvenation. The cream contains two main active ingredients: the Tahitian tamanu oil known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and two derivatives of L-glutamine discovered by Dr. Burzynski. The anti-aging effect is more profound as these ingredients work on the genetic level. They work as genetic switches by turning on the genes that have been silenced due to the aging process and turning off the genes that have increased activity during the aging process.
  • Aminocare® Skin Lotion with identical content to the cream, but different in its consistency.

Regular supplementation with Aminocare® A10 helps to restore and maintain optimal levels of amino acids and riboflavin. The product delivers energy to the muscles, the brain, and to the central nervous system. It helps to regulate blood sugar and facilitates the detoxification process in the body. It helps to improve metabolism and digestion, activates the immune system and stimulates the release of the human growth hormone.

The Aminocare® products are unique in their composition and action in the body. They represent the result of more than thirty years of research by a devoted scientist, a promising breakthrough in the research of disease prevention, aging and longevity.

By Dominique Allmon ©2009

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For more information please visit The Burzynski Clinic

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