Sunday, July 15, 2012

Natural Cures For Constipation

Six natural constipation remedies that help you deal with the problem no one is willing to talk about.

Until recently, constipation was not taken into cognizance in the corporate world. Neither was its effects really looked into. However, recent surveys and estimates have shown that constipation is singularly responsible for the loss of over $2billion annually.

As a result, it has become in fact very important to address the issue and its treatments. While some of us are very familiar with the use of enemas or laxatives, we are also finding that these have side effects and as a result, should be avoided as much as possible. For instance, it has been proven than laxatives are not only addictive, they make the individual dependent on them for bowel movements. That's the reason some people are looking for alternative constipation remedies which do not become addictive and most importantly, not leave chemical residues in the body which can be harmful in the long term.

If you have ever had constipation, you'll agree with me that constipation is not only uncomfortable, it is embarrassing. When an individual is constipating, he is not in any way comfortable at all. Symptoms such as bloated abdomen, gas, headache, et.c accompany the onset of constipation.The causes of constipation are varied. But chief among them are unhealthy eating - insufficient consumption of high fiber content foods - lack of exercise, minimal fluid intake and changes in both life and environment such as changes in locations or traveling and pregnancy. Other contributing factors are diseases, and colon and rectum troubles.

So what natural constipation remedies act fast to provide relieve?
  • Boysenberry - The juice of this fruit is capable of functioning as a gentle laxative. It is to be used in the case of mild constipation not chronic ones. 
  • Cantaloupe - is a very great fruit and is adequate for helping to relieve constipation.  Its high fiber content is what actually makes it very useful to those who have constipation. It is also a rich source of both Vitamins A and C and lots of minerals. 
  • Flax seed oil - has been proven time and again to be an effective constipation remedy. All you need for maximum results is to take 1-2 tablespoonfuls with lots of water immediately after lunch or dinner.
  • Elderflower - is also very effective. All you need is an infusion of it in water as many times as it is needed daily.
  • Epsom Salts - is also considered to be another good remedy for constipation. To use it as a constipation remedy, mix one teaspoonful in half glass of water jut before bed. Please not that it is bitter so the taste does not hit you unawares. 
  • Prunes - are the natural laxative. They are rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin A and potassium. They have the natural ability to activate the enzymes in the digestive tract and bring relieve to those who suffer from constipation.
More often than not, simply adding more fruit and vegetable to your diet works wonders! The dietary fiber in fresh produce will prevent chronic constipation.

Also, remember to drink sufficient amount of water. The suggested amount is 8 glasses per day, but you should consider your body build, activities, climate zone and the season of the year to adjust the water intake accordingly.
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*This information is for educational purpose only. It is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease.
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