Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Importance of pH Management During Detox

In its natural state, the body is slightly alkaline. It must maintain this slightly alkaline state for your very survival, and has developed complex mechanisms to ensure that this balance is maintained. Most of us are natural alkaline producers in our early years. However, nearly everything we are exposed to - foods, environmental toxins, even stress - contribute to an acidic condition in our bodies, and over time our natural buffer systems become less efficient at neutralizing that acid. We go from being in a more or less continuous alkaline state to having chronic acidosis, or chronic excess acidity. 

If the acid wastes of metabolism, and other acidic toxins are successfully leaving the body, the urine pH will reflect this by being acidic, at about 5.5 - 6.2. If BioRay’s Liver Life formula is given to a person with liver dysfunction, their urine pH goes down and the conductivity comes up, and of course, they feel much better because the acids are now leaving the body. If one drains these acids, one also sees the saliva pH gradually return to where it should be, at about pH7, or alkaline.

Stabilizing saliva pH can take longer than urine, months sometimes, so be patient with it. The more efficient you are at keeping the urine pH at 5.8, draining the acids, the sooner the saliva pH will respond towards normal alkalinity at 7. The goal is a saliva pH of 7 and a urine pH of 5.8. The longer they stay this way, the better a person generally feels, and the easier it is to treat other imbalances in their system.

The quality of the food we consume is central to our health. Every cell and tissue in our body is built, repaired and fueled from the foods, fluids - and yes, toxins - which we consume. Because the volume of food we consume is greater than the volume and impact of the remedies we consume, diet has to be adjusted in order to reach a successful outcome. It may take you some experimentation to find the foods that allow your pH's to stay in normal range, but it is well worth the effort - and remember to chew each bite to a liquid.

Heavy metals are acid forming, and NDF is very effective at neutralizing them and pulling them out of the body- but it is important to do this slowly. Using Liver Life first is a simple safety measure to ensure that all of the acids can are removed before any provocation takes place. If you keep the pH's in normal range by adjusting the dosage and frequency of the remedies and water intake, you will be more likely to feel good in general during detox with NDF. If you can keep the pH’s in the suggested range, you will probably notice that you can ramp up the dose of NDF more rapidly without having an aggravation! This is a very safe and effective way to prepare for, manage and speed up heavy metal detox.

One cannot completely correct excessive acidity prior to heavy metal detox because the heavy metals are acidic and acid forming by a multitude of pathways. We have seen this over and over again in clinic. The patient might be taking loads of minerals, eating alkaline forming foods, regulating their elimination, practicing stress relief, yet the first morning saliva pH stays acidic (= pain and low energy). Once the metals are removed, the restoration of the alkaline reserve proceeds more smoothly.

Therefore the primary recommendations are:
  • Improve liver function and drain acids
  • Restore the alkaline reserve
  • Institute heavy metal and chemical detox
Years of experience in our clinic have confirmed that this general approach: doing these three steps at relatively the same time, has worked best.

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Article courtesy of BioRay Natural Detox Company

*This information is for educational purpose only. It is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease.
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