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Restore Your Health with Foot Detox Patches

Toxic environment

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, the earth has been exposed to an increasing onslaught of toxic chemicals and other pollutants including concentrated heavy metals. These toxins have become pervasive in our country and around the world. It has become impossible to go anywhere or do anything without being exposed to them. We now find them in our air, water, food, and pharmaceutical drugs as well as our home and work environments. We can't even avoid them by eating and drinking organically (although we dramatically reduce our exposure by eating organically and raw).

As an example, mercury is the second deadliest element on the planet after plutonium. We are now being told to stop eating large ocean fish, as they tend to accumulate more mercury than smaller fish. In fact, anyone with one or more mercury amalgam fillings in their mouth is being exposed to vastly larger amounts of mercury every time they swallow or take a breath. In fact, there is enough mercury in one filling to pollute a 10 acre lake to the point where the EPA would declare it unfit for drinking, swimming, or fishing. Mercury has been implicated as a potential cause of A.D.D., Autism, Alzheimer's, chronic fatigue, and thyroid failure, to name just a few ailments.

Fluoride is another element we have concentrated and are putting into our water supply to prevent tooth decay in children. Fluorine has played a significant role in insect control since about 1896 when sodium fluoride and various iron fluorides were patented in England as insecticides. Sodium fluoride was used in the United States for cockroach control before 1900 and was introduced in 1915 for the control of poultry lice. It was also used as a rat poison. (Read the history and the patents of fluoride here, dating back to 1896.

Symptoms of toxic overload

Virtually any adverse symptom a person may experience can be caused by toxic overload. Toxins work in the body by competing for mineral receptor sites at the enzyme level. The inability of an enzyme to function properly can manifest itself in many different disease states depending upon each individual's genetic makeup (DNA). Consequently, it is always important to address your own toxic load whenever you have any kind of symptom that does not seem normal. The speed of symptom onset, from acute (fast) to chronic (slow) depends upon the degree of toxic exposure as well as each individual's genetic make-up.

Today, many of our unexplainable diseases are directly associated with high levels of tissue toxins. Some of them are as follows:

  • Fatigue and chronic fatigue
  • Foggy thinking
  • Memory Loss
  • Chronic Pain
  • Weak immune system
  • Weak thyroid
  • Arthritis
  • Constipation
  • Heart Disease
  • Skin Ailments
  • Depression
  • Accelerated degeneration and aging 


Our bodies are naturally equipped with a wondrous mechanism, our lymph system. This elaborate system is interactive with every organ in the body. Our lymph system is designed to filter out toxic substances and excess fluid from tissues and is intricately involved in immune function. It is our antibody roadway and it removes cellular waste and undesirable toxins that have found their way into our bodies. The lymph has been called the River of Life and cannot cleanse or purify if it is weak on congested. The lymph system does not have a pumping mechanism except for muscle contraction. Therefore, the need for physical movement, exercise, and periodic detoxification is imperative for a well functioning lymph system.

How can we protect ourselves from becoming negatively impacted by this scenario? We must detoxify on regular bases! Below are examples of some of the current detoxification methods available:
  • Chelation therapy
  • DMPS injections
  • DMSA capsules
  • EDTA supplementation therapy
  • Far infrared saunas
  • Foot patches
The Foot patch is the least expensive and least invasive detoxification therapy available and may prove to be the most effective as it works directly on the lymph system. The toxins are removed quickly and painlessly with very little effort.

The role of feet in detoxification process

Different forms of therapy to effect health have been used since ancient times. The law of similar states, "Whatever is happening inside the body is identical and similar at the end of the nerves in the hands and feet". The sole of the foot is viewed as an area that reflects the wellness of the body. The feet are a map of the body; they are divided into zones that correspond to specific body systems. It is possible to target and cleanse ones liver, colon, kidneys, or other body systems by positioning the Foot Pads on that target area of the foot (see foot map). Manually stimulating the desired area to be detoxified before applying the footpad increases the circulation and clears debris, sending more energy directly to the corresponding organ or body part. The body is thus encouraged to restore balance by lessening its toxic overload.

Dr. Group's Detox Foot Pads®

Dr. Group's Detox Foot PadsĀ®
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Dr. Group's Organic Foot Pads® are designed to promote the natural detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals from your body through 60 acupuncture points found on the soles of your feet.

Contains 10 patches for a 5-Day Cleanse.

*This information is for educational purpose only. It is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease.

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